Acacia Longifolia

A Few Facts About Acacia Longifolia

Acacia Longifolia is an evergreen shrub that is more commonly called Sydney Golden Wattle. While sometimes imported by ambitious gardeners, the Acacia Longifolia is not naturally occurring within the United States.

This plant produces green foliage along with lovely yellow flowers. As with many blooming plants, it experiences most of its growth in the spring. It is during this time that the plant blooms while the flowers continue well into the summer.

As mentioned earlier, the plant is an evergreen, therefore it keeps its leaves throughout the year.  It reaches a maximum height of about twenty feet. While not a plant that will last forever, with proper care, gardeners will be able to enjoy the Acacia Longifolia for about twenty years.

The plant can withstand drought conditions, but it will not survive in very cold temperatures. It typically cannot make it through cold snaps where the temperature dips below twenty degrees.

Below are a few other facts about the Acacia Longifolia.

While not the choice of every gardener, the Acacia Longifolia does have its place in many landscaping designs as well as in the hands of those practicing the art of bonsai.

Because it does not do well in cold weather, those living in a colder climate who want to use it as a bonsai may need to keep in a greenhouse or indoors. The plant still needs sunlight, so if kept indoors, it will need to be placed either in front of a window or set outside during the warmer parts of the day.

If you do choose to try and grow this plant in your garden, keep in mind that it can become invasive. You will need to properly maintain the plant in order to prevent that from happening.

Because the Acacia Longifolia is not as commonly found in American gardens as many other plants, including it can be not only a lovely addition to your landscaping, but a bit of a conversation piece as well.




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